Play Radio on New Version of Raspberry Pi AIY Project

If you are using a version of the AIY Project version aiyprojects-2017-09-11.img or newer you will have found that the mods I wrote to play radio no longer work.

The new version can be found at:

To play radio you need to the and the files, add these to your src folder. You also need vlc to be installed on the pi.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vlc

Start in the virtualenv in the same way as running the demo scripts, either in the dev terminal or by running env/bin/python3 -u src/ from the aiyprojects folder.

The radio can be stopped by pressing the button, or by saying “radio off” (if the pi can hear you over the sound of the radio playing, I find this depends on the station you are listening to).

If you are outside the UK you will need to change the radio urls to ones that are accessible outside the UK, there are more details on my original post:


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