List of Mods for Raspberry Pi AIY Project

I keep finding great mods for the MagPi Raspberry Pi Google AIY Projects box so I thought I’d start listing them all in one place (mainly for me, because I keep forgetting where I’ve seen things!)

Credit to all the makers who’ve come up with these mods!

Disclaimer: listing a mod on here doesn’t mean I’ve tried and tested it, please contact the maker of the mod if you have any issues. (Unless it’s one of mine, then contact me).

Makers, if you want me to add your project, or I’ve got the details / link wrong let me know, either comment on this post, email me or contact me on twitter.

Basic commands

Shutdown and reboot


Shutdown with self destruct!


Radio Player

Another radio player

Play music from Youtube

Podcast Player

Google Music


RSS Reader

Play Chess!

Reminders / Notes

Pimoroni Mote Sticks (Lights)

Control 433MHz remote sockets

Play news headlines

IFTTT works

List of Easter Eggs

Basic Phillips Hue Support

Change the local voice

Publish MQTT Messages

Potential Hotword Support with the Updated SDK

Using an Amazon Dash Button as a Trigger

Conversation Commands

Domoticz Commands

Laser Cut Case


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